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We support you with creative solutions whilst involving the common good thanks to your loyalty. We analyse the future today and welcome a progressive approach.

Universal Alliances supports non-profit projects and organisations with every successful business deal. Our own profit is reduced in order for the customer to make a meaningful contribution to a better society without incurring additional costs.

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As a customer of Universal Alliances AG, a FINMA registered direct and reinsurance broker, you receive various insurance services from a single source. Open communication and transparency are key at Universal Alliances, as they form the basis of mutual trust and quality results.

Ongoing Servicing
  • Support in case of an incindet
  • Information on acturial or administrative questions
  • Adjustment for change of risks
  • Regular policy meetings
Document Control
  • Review of insurance documents
Tendering Process
  • Request offers from insurance company
  • Comparison compilation
  • Optimising the premium
Insurance Analysis
  • Risk analysis and evaluation
  • Situation analysis of premiums and coverages
  • Analysis of the insurance portfolio (underinsurance, over insurance, missing cover modules, etc.).
Occupational pension solutions for companies

Together with the 1st pillar, the occupational pension scheme enables insured persons or their relatives to continue their accustomed standard of living in old age, in the event... Read More

Daily sickness benefits insurance

Financial security for employees
Financial relief for employers
By law, employers must continue to pay a salary to sick employees for a specific period. This regulat... Read More

Accident insurance

The Swiss Federal Accident Insurance Act (AIA) requires employers to insure their staff against occupational accidents and sickness – as well as non-occupational accidents if ... Read More

Property insurance

A property insurance policy offers protection against material damage to property resulting from fire, water, glass breakage, storms and theft. It also covers loss of earnings, ... Read More

Third-party liability insurance

If inadequate advice or errors in the execution of an order lead to financial loss of a customer or if personal injury or property damage arises due to inattentiveness, the insu... Read More

Commercial legal protection insurance

If employees or customers make demands, it quickly costs a lot of money, time and nerves. Legal protection is your competent partner if you need legal support in your business l... Read More

Building insurance

A loss event in a commercial building can seriously damage your infrastructure and resources and endanger running operations.
The term “building property insurance&#... Read More

Transportation insurance
  • Loss and damage (breakage, rust/oxidation, fire, events caused by natural forces) of transported goods
  • Theft, misappropriation, robbery
  • Dropping while be... Read More
Cyber insurance
  • Sales compensation in the event of operational interruptions
  • Cost of restoring lost data covered
  • Cost of restoring operating systems and user application... Read More
Car and Fleet insurance
  • Premium savings thanks to volume discount (from 5 vehicles)
  • One policy, one invoice for all vehicles
  • Automatic adjustment from full to partial accidental... Read More
Directors & officers liability insurance

Managing a stock corporation, foundation, or other legal entity is a responsible task. Expand your professional liability insurance with an organ liability insurance in order to... Read More

"Out of the box"

Create your own insurance solution together with us!

... Read More
Car and Motorcycle
  • Liability insurance
  • Partial accidental damage insurance
  • Comprehensive accidental damage insurance (collision coverage)
  • Parking damage insurance<... Read More
Private Pension

Pilar 3a & 3b

  • Saving solutions
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
... Read More
Household Contents & Personal Liability
  • Entire household contents are insured at new-for-old value against damage caused by fire, water and burglary and theft from your car, as well as damage from natural forces... Read More
Travel Insurance
  • Cancellation cost insurance
  • Personal assistance insurance
  • Vehicle assistance insurance
... Read More
  • Liability insurance
  • Partial accidental damage insurance
  • Comprehensive accidental damage insurance (collision)
  • Accident insurance
  • Marine... Read More
Building Insurance
  • Water insurance
  • Fire insurance including damage from natural forces
  • Building liability insurance
  • Minor renovations:insurance against building da... Read More

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