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Sustainability describes a way to keep the world in balance. This means acting today so that tomorrow’s living things have the same chances of a fulfilling life as we do.

Eclipse Global offers opportunities to get involved in what the heart beats for and thereby make a valuable contribution to a balanced society.

«After supporting various social projects for many years, I know how useful and satisfying it is. As I am personally convinced that it makes sense to help, I would like to combine business with social commitment and share this valuable opportunity with others. »

Stefan Elias Bofos

Chairman Eclipse Global


Would you like to volunteer or contribute ideas and meaningful projects yourself? Eclipse Global is an association registered in the commercial register of the Canton of Zurich. Universal Alliances uses this platform to show sustainable projects by aid organizations and to support them from every business transaction. "every deal for a better world"

Sustainable Engagement

Eclipse Global is a global seal of quality for sustainable engagement. You can makea difference and Eclipse Global is equipped to cater to your vision of sustainability the common welfare and our society today.

Sustainable Programs

Thanks to Eclipse Global various sustainable programs benefit and are invited to present their own products/program. The focus is on our environment and all living creatures, the possibilities are limitless.

Core Of Sustainability

You are invited to exchange ideas and joining events and workshops.



We all live on this planet and it is our responsibility to treat our nature and environment with respect and to ensure a balanced commitment to offer the next generation a world for which we can live. We review and approve projects in accordance with established guidelines with partner organizations to present the available quality-checked projects to you. We live from the slogan "Actions speak louder than words".



Let’s engage in the welfare of animals. We support animal rights and animal welfare and raise awareness of the value of our environment by supporting organizations and institutions as well as projects that are committed to actively improving animal welfare and promoting sustainability. At the top of the list is respect for all things and living things and a harmonious life with dignity. Every commitment and support counts and is valuable. We personally review each project and organization to meet your commitment.



The focus is on people. The constant overload of the senses in our society, the lack of time, trust and necessary tools make it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. How can I determine the appropriate charity, how do I know that my financial support is properly invested in the right solution? What are the administrative costs and will the donation serve the most urgent cases? We personally review the organization and its employees and examine the purpose to ensure that the engagement is worthwhile. There is nothing more precious than sharing wealth and well-being who are less well off. Helping self-help is our focus in our commitment and we honor voluntary work that always pays off. Each contribution creates added value that has a positive impact on our society.


Get Connected With Us

Expand your network on a national and global basis. Our highly experienced team offers access to new ideas and solutions. Knowledge can be shared and utilized effectively to achieve win-win solutions.

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8. November. 2018 Blockchainveranstaltung ICO im Blickfeld

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